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We offer many customizable formulations for surgical and clinical care.

AIS Healthcare Ophthalmics has a wide portfolio of patient-specific medications, all produced in facilities that exceed state and industry standards for quality and sterility. Many of our formulations and concentrations are not available at 503B (outsourcing) pharmacies, meaning we offer you more medications with high quality assurance.

High quality, affordable mitomycin syringes prepared by the industry leader in hazardous compounding 

Easily order mitomycin from AIS Healthcare Ophthalmics 

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Our Surescripts-certified online physician portal, MyAIS Connect, makes it easy to e-prescribe and manage orders. Contact us to learn more or to set up your account.

You can also fax orders to us at 410.666.7253. Questions? Call our customer service team at 833.716.0861

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