Give your dry eye patients high-quality serum tears—and high-touch patient engagement.

For patients with chronic or severe dry eye, serum tears can provide lubrication and nourishment. However, serum tear preparation and quality can vary, and the process, from scheduling blood draws to paying lab fees, can be time-consuming and expensive for patients and providers alike.

With NovoTears®, high-quality serum tears are easy and affordable. Prepared with a consistent, proven method and accompanied by proactive education and comprehensive support for patients, NovoTears gives patients and providers more of what they need to thrive.

Need other medications for your dry eye patients? We offer a range of dry eye solutions, including artificial tears and preservative-free formulations. Download our Dry Eye IFU sheet to learn more.

Putting quality first in every prescription

The industry leader in quality and patient safety, AIS Healthcare Ophthalmics does more to ensure the consistent, high-quality preparation of NovoTears. Our process ensures the bioavailability of growth factor peptides, fibronectin, immunoglobulins and vitamins, which are all critical to providing severe dry eye relief.1

Unlike many other pharmacies and eye banks, we use:

  • Standard coagulation time for every blood draw
  • Standard centrifuge RPM and spin time for every blood draw
  • Nanofiltration to remove particles that may cause inflammation

Throughout the production process, we do more to put safety first. We are industry leaders in meeting USP <800>, a new set of industry standards designed to protect patients and staff from exposure to potentially hazardous drugs, including biologics like NovoTears. 

By making extra investments in new processes, staff training and quality, we built a USP <800>–compliant facility before the requirements even went into effect, demonstrating our commitment to always doing more to advance quality and safety. Learn more about our pharmacy

In addition, we make sure all of our partners meet our high standards. All blood draw centers and mobile phlebotomists are assessed for quality and safety, and our convenient blood draw kits ensure the consistency of the blood draw and preparation process.

NovoTears prescriptions are typically ready for patients within three to five days.

1Time- and Temperature-Dependent Stability of Growth Factor Peptides in Human Autologous Serum Eye Drops. Bradley JC et al. Time- and temperature-dependent stability of growth factor peptides in human autologous serum eye drops. Cornea. 2009;28(2):200-205. 

Proactive patient support and education

Our highly trained pharmacists educate and consult with each patient. This can help increase patient compliance while allowing for efficiency in your office, helping to give you the time and flexibility to grow your practice.

Our pharmacists:

  • Explain the NovoTears program, including usage and storage
  • Are available by phone 24/7 to answer any questions patients have during their therapies
  • Engage with thousands of patients every year

The AIS Healthcare Ophthalmics team also coordinates the blood draw processes, helping patients find a convenient location or setting up an in-home blood draw, and sending a NovoTears blood draw kit to the phlebotomist. We also coordinate delivery and confirm receipt of the prescription.

An affordable dry eye solution

Please note, blood draw and shipping costs vary by patient location. Contact us for a quote

45 days




90 days




180 days




Dry eye medications to fit your patients’ needs 

NovoTears can be customized with 20%, 33% or 50% serum to best fit patients’ needs. In addition, AIS Healthcare Ophthalmics offers a range of other dry eye solutions, including artificial tears and preservative-free formulations. Download our Dry Eye IFU sheet to learn more or contact us with any questions.