Explore our industry-leading compounding pharmacy.


Isolation room

Quality starts here. In this room, we go above and beyond to stop outside contaminants from getting inside the cleanroom.



In here, all staff members cross the first line of decontamination and continue taking extra steps to ensure maximum sterility.


Gowning room

The last stop before the compounding room, this is where all employees outfit themselves to exceed sterility standards when near patient medication.


Compounding room

In this room, pharmacists compound ophthalmic medications of the highest quality and sterility.


Testing area

Here, trained pharmacists perform a thorough evaluation of each prescription.

See how our specialty compounding pharmacy allows us to advance quality standards for ophthalmic medications.

Throughout the care continuum, AIS Healthcare Ophthalmics is committed to advancing quality. That commitment starts at our state-of-the-art pharmacy in Dallas, Texas. 

This 503A specialty compounding pharmacy was built to exceed state and industry standards at every turn. Click through to discover the many ways our facility and processes go above and beyond to do what’s right, not just what’s expected—and how that improves the lives of patients and providers in ways big and small.

I call AIS Healthcare my poster child of how to do it right.”

Eric Kastango
President of Clinical IQ and CriticalPoint 

Please note: All processes shown are representative of those used at our facility.