July 5, 2023

AIS Healthcare Celebrates 15-Year Anniversary of Providing Quality Care to Patients

Simon Castellanos

Targeted Drug Delivery and Infusion Care Solutions Provider Commemorates Milestone of Providing Patient-Centered Care

Dallas, Texas – AIS Healthcare, the leading provider of targeted drug delivery and infusion care solutions, celebrates fifteen years of delivering high quality patient care. Established in 2008 in Dallas, Texas, AIS Healthcare has grown to eight locations across six states supporting more than 35,000 patients throughout the country. The company’s state-of-the-art compounding pharmacies and highly trained pharmacists produce medications of the highest quality and sterility that enhance patient quality of life and lead to better outcomes. 

“For the past fifteen years, AIS Healthcare has delivered care and support for our patients that makes their days easier and lives better. We go beyond what is expected to set higher quality standards for targeted drug delivery and infusion care, enabling an improved quality of life for our patients,” said Simon Castellanos, AIS Healthcare Chief Executive Officer.“AIS Healthcare looks forward to continuing the important work of improving the lives of the patients and physicians we serve.” 

AIS Healthcare compounds patient-specific prescriptions at its state-of-the-art 503A specialty pharmacies for its targeted drug delivery (TDD) division and provides personalized services for both patients and physicians. Utilizing AIS Healthcare’s TDD medication and services helps patients better manage chronic pain and spasticity to improve daily functionality. 

Additionally, AIS Healthcare’s Advanced Infusion Care (AIC) division offers a comprehensive suite of services for patients with complex medical conditions like primary immunodeficiency and is supported by its team of highly trained nurses. AIC applies a team-based approach to intravenous and subcutaneous immunoglobulin therapy patient care with locations in Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Texas, Florida and Maryland. 

AIS Healthcare is dually accredited by URAC and the Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC), further setting it apart from other compounding pharmacies and infusion services providers. As the industry leader in targeted drug delivery and infusion care, AIS Healthcare continues to deliver transformative services across the care continuum for its patients. 

Advancing quality. Improving lives.

As the leading provider of targeted drug delivery and infusion care solutions, AIS Healthcare is committed to doing more of what matters. From pharmacies that put patient safety first to comprehensive services that enhance the entire care experience, we go beyond the expected in everything we do.

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