Proactive care management services to help patients and providers thrive

Care Connect engages patients and empowers providers.

This phone-based care management program, which has received a URAC accreditation for Health Call Center at our Dallas location, helps physicians and nurses better serve patients between appointments, and offers patients the access, communication and confidence they need.

Care Connect includes:
  • Proactive, phone-based care management services
  • Focused patient assessments, including optimized assessments pre-, mid- and post-refill
  • 24/7/365 patient access to nursing support and education services
  • Billing and reimbursement support
  • Pharmacist support and services

This program is already covered in the core services offered by AIS Healthcare.

Benefits for patients and providers

For patients

Care Connect offers an optimized care experience. The phone-based service engages patients and gives them access to around-the-clock nursing support and education. 

For providers

Care Connect adds efficiency and simplicity while keeping providers informed. The care coordination program collects current, valuable patient information to help providers get ahead of problems while reducing unnecessary calls and improving workflows.

How it works

The Care Connect team consists of nurses trained in targeted drug delivery (TDD) pumps as well as pharmacists, reimbursement specialists and customer service support staff. They proactively engage with patients over the phone to answer questions and resolve any issues that may have arisen, contacting the patients’ healthcare providers as appropriate.

  • Care Connect nurses contact patients for focused assessments, providing ongoing education as well as refill and appointment reminders
  • Patients may also contact the Care Connect team 24/7 with questions or concerns