In-office nursing solutions to support physicians’ staff

Clinic Connect® provides experienced, skilled nurses to help targeted drug delivery (TDD) programs grow.

An AIS Healthcare registered nurse with extensive TDD experience works as an extension of the physician’s team, performing all pump refills and services with the physician’s oversight.  

A Clinic Connect nurse can manage:
  • Pump refills
  • Standard and complex programming
  • Scheduling visits for pump patients
  • Ordering medication
  • Documenting care in an electronic health record (EHR) system
  • Obtaining labs for compliance testing
  • Care coordination
  • Other tasks based on clinical needs

How it works

AIS Healthcare provides one of our trained TDD nurses at fair market value. This specialized nurse functions as your employee, diminishing the risk of compliance issues while allowing you to bill for all procedures performed in your office.

  • All services performed with physician oversight and in collaboration with nursing team
  • All reports and documentation housed at clinic office for easy reference
  • AIS Healthcare carries liability for nursing services and procedures

Benefits for patients and providers

For patients

Clinic Connect offers a consistent nursing contact for refill and pump maintenance and provides patients with high-quality, dedicated care at their preferred clinics.        

For providers

Clinic Connect adds skilled, experienced TDD nurses to clinics’ staffs, helping providers grow their TDD programs.