February 19, 2021

AIS Healthcare goes above and beyond to supply critical medication during severe winter storm

As severe winter weather impacts pharmacies across the country, AIS Healthcare is drawing on its robust emergency preparedness and taking additional measures to continue to deliver vital, patient-specific medications on time. 

If you believe you will be impacted by the storms, please call us at 877.443.4006. 

Dallas, Texas—In the wake of a severe winter storm that has affected both the pharmaceutical supply chain as well as national shipping services, AIS Healthcare has gone above and beyond to ensure all of its patients have uninterrupted access to critical targeted drug delivery (TDD), infusion and ophthalmics medications. 

AIS Healthcare is always prepared for inclement weather. Its seven pharmacies are spread across six states and have production and operational redundancies, allowing medication compounding and delivery to continue even if severe weather impacts one or more locations. The pharmacy teams in all seven locations continuously monitor the weather and potential disruption to distribution services and adjust shipping accordingly. In addition, extended Beyond-Use Dates on many patient-specific prescriptions allow providers to order prescriptions in advance of severe weather and offer flexibility in scheduling appointments during storms.

AIS Healthcare also has a robust emergency contingency plan, which accounts for a variety of natural disasters and severe weather. Over the past seven days, this plan has been activated and AIS Healthcare teams have been proactively partnering with providers to get prescriptions to patients. 

This emergency contingency plan includes:

  • Immediate and ongoing communication with both patients and providers
  • Collaboration with national delivery partners to develop safe and effective shipping plans
  • Wellness checks for all in-home infusion care and TDD patients, regardless of care schedule or refill date
  • Focused effort throughout the week and weekend at all pharmacies to produce and ship patient-specific medications as quickly as possible
  • Partnership with providers to make sure patients have continuity of care plans

AIS Healthcare has also taken some extraordinary steps to deliver medication on time, including chartering cross-country flights to avoid shipping delays. The TDD division recently sent more than 40 prescriptions via private plane to waiting providers and patients in Indiana and Kentucky. When the ophthalmics team identified more than 30 surgical patients who could be impacted by shipping delays, another private plane was chartered to fly the medications to the divisional headquarters in Maryland, where the medication could be more quickly delivered to the affected patients. 

To support its own staff during the winter storm, AIS Healthcare has provided hotel accommodations and personal generators to employees in need. This ensures that all staff members are safe and able to continue to provide high-quality care and support during this time. 

“I am proud of everything we have done to ensure all of our patients have the medication they need, when they need it,” said Simon Castellanos, Chief Executive Officer of AIS Healthcare. “We will always be the pharmacy provider that does more—for our patients, our providers and our staff.”

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