March 8, 2024

AIS Healthcare Recognizes Brain Injury Awareness Month

Simon Castellanos

Dallas, Texas -AIS Healthcare, a leading provider of targeted drug delivery (TDD) and infusion care solutions, is proud to recognize March as Brain Injury Awareness Month. This month reminds us of the importance of improving the quality of life for people impacted by brain injury through elevating awareness and advocacy and delivering the highest quality healthcare. 

Brain injuries are widespread, and the impact on an individual and their family is not widely understood or appreciated. According to the CDC, more than 5.3 million individuals in the United States live with a brain injury or brain injury-related disability, and an average of 1.5 million traumatic brain injuries (TBI) occur each year. Post-brain injury treatment is a lifelong journey, often requiring specialized healthcare services and chronic pain treatment. AIS Healthcare is dedicated to ensuring patients living with a TBI and managing complex conditions can lead full, meaningful lives in their homes and local communities. 

“The strength and resilience of the brain injury community are tremendous, and I welcome the strides made by the physical and behavioral health industries to elevate research, advocacy, and awareness on behalf of this important group,” said Simon Castellanos, CEO of AIS Healthcare. “This month and every month, we seek to empower individuals living with a brain injury by delivering the best possible in-home healthcare services and pain management solutions. We will always be an ally to this inspiring part of our larger patient community.”  

Brain injuries often happen through absolutely no fault of the injured person. AIS Healthcare wants to remind everyone to take proper precautions to reduce the chance of brain injury by wearing seatbelts, helmets, and never driving impaired. To find more ways to support the brain injury community, contact your local brain injury association by visiting here.

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