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Your partner in Ig in-home therapy

Watch Richard L. Griffith, MD, PhD, an internist at Proactive Physicians Of Marietta in Georgia, describe all the ways that Advanced Infusion Care has been a partner in patient care. 

Video transcript:

On-screen copy:
A partner that puts patients’ care first 

Richard L. Griffith, MD, PhD:
I find that AIC is a patient-centric company, where patients’ therapies come first. That’s why I’ve continued to do my business with AIC. 

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AIC is a partner that goes above and beyond

Richard L. Griffith, MD, PhD:
The service is above and beyond, and I’ll just give an example. We had a patient, and she lives up in Blue Ridge. And she was not going to receive her immunoglobulin on time. And she, like many of our CBID patients, is critically dependent on maintaining adequate serum IgG levels. Well, Meredith drove from Valdosta to Blue Ridge to deliver her prescription IgG. And if that isn’t above and beyond the call of duty, I don’t know what is.

On-screen copy:
AIC is a partner that enhances patients’ experiences Richard L. Griffith, MD, PhD:
I’ve had nothing but an overall positive response. They appreciate the personal touch that the clinical care team provides, and more importantly, the service that Meredith arranges to make sure they get their medication on time.


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