January 12, 2024

AIS Healthcare Celebrates National Pharmacist Day

Simon Castellanos

Dallas, Texas – AIS Healthcare, the leading provider of targeted drug delivery (TDD) and infusion care solutions, is proud to recognize January 12th as National Pharmacist Day. On this day and throughout the year, AIS Healthcare recognizes and honors the critical role pharmacists play in the continuum of patient care. 

At AIS Healthcare, pharmacists go beyond what’s expected to deliver medications of the highest quality and sterility, earning recognition from the top independent pharmacy accreditors, URAC and the Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC). Through a double-blind order verification process, AIS Healthcare’s TDD pharmacy technicians and pharmacists work together to ensure that medications are compounded appropriately. They also educate patients about their medications and collaborate with physicians to enhance the quality-of-care patients receive. 

In recent years, the role of pharmacists has expanded, becoming an integral part of the health care system and playing an important role in patient care and recovery. Their service on behalf of patients across the country deserves to be celebrated.

“I am proud of the work of our pharmacy team and pharmacists across the country, who consistently go above and beyond to deliver safe and effective healthcare solutions to patients and their families. Their dedication and diligence are the lifeblood of our work and a key pillar of our healthcare system”, said Simon Castellanos, AIS Healthcare CEO. “Our organization is committed to continue making all the investments necessary to deliver medications of the highest possible quality for the patients and providers we serve.” 

AIS Healthcare TDD operates two state-of-the-art 503A compounding pharmacies in Dallas, Texas, and Ridgeland, Mississippi, where pharmacists use a proven, proprietary process that combines aseptic processing with terminal sterilization on patient-specific formulary prescriptions to achieve unprecedented sterility assurance and extended Beyond-Use Dates (BUD). Our workspaces exceed industry standards and utilize several methods that guarantee the safety of the systems we use and the medications we produce for our patients. 

Advanced Infusion Care (AIC), a division of AIS Healthcare, operates a total of five pharmacies, dispensing essential medications and personalized care to patients across the United States with complex medical conditions like immune deficiency diseases. 

AIC supports patients by making medications more accessible to those in need of infusion care solutions, delivering 24/7 access to a dedicated team of clinical and support staff. Clinical pharmacists work directly with patients to address their care and provide professional assistance in the selection of Ig products that meet their unique needs.

AIS Healthcare is proud to celebrate National Pharmacist Day and acknowledges the vital

contributions of pharmacists in helping patients live healthy and full lives. For more information about AIS pharmacies, visit here.

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