December 29, 2023

AIS Healthcare Dispensed One Millionth Prescription in 2023

Dallas, Texas – As 2023 draws to a close, AIS Healthcare, a leading provider of targeted drug delivery (TDD) and infusion care solutions, is proud to announce that it reached the milestone of dispensing one million prescriptions to patients living with chronic pain and other complex health conditions earlier this year. Since its inception more than 10 years ago, AIS Healthcare has been putting quality and safety first in the preparation and delivery of patient-specific prescriptions across the country. 

At AIS Healthcare’s two 503A specialty compounding pharmacies, best-in-class licensed pharmacists go beyond state and industry standards to produce medications of the highest quality and sterility. Both facilities invest significant resources in people and processes to be able to produce prescriptions that exceed standards and expectations, using a proven, proprietary process that combines aseptic processing with terminal sterilization—a pharmaceutical industry standard—for patient-specific formulary prescriptions to achieve unprecedented sterility assurance and extended Beyond-Use Date (BUD). This gives providers confidence in the medications they prescribe and helps to reduce medication waste.

“AIS is proud to administer life-changing medications across the United States that improve patients’ quality of life. The achievement of dispensing one million prescriptions is a significant milestone. We remain committed to prioritizing patient safety in every aspect—from person to process to protocol. Our dedication to maintaining the highest standards of quality in healthcare is unwavering. We look forward to continuing the work of advancing quality and enabling patients to live better lives,” said Simon Castellanos, AIS Healthcare CEO.

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As the leading provider of targeted drug delivery and infusion care solutions, AIS Healthcare is committed to doing more of what matters. From pharmacies that put patient safety first to comprehensive services that enhance the entire care experience, we go beyond the expected in everything we do.

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